Meet The Team

Jodie Epstein, MigraineBuds Founder

Jodie Epstein

Hi Buds! I’m Jodie – a patient advocate, an educator from Toronto, Ontario. I’m also the proud Founder of and the MigraineBuds Chat Facebook Group!

I created them after finding it incredibly difficult to obtain information about cannabis specific to migraine, and to find people to compare my experiences with!

I’ve been a migraine patient since age 11, and a chronic migraine patient for the last 8 years. This journey in treating my migraines with cannabis has led to a passionate involvement with such organizations as GrowWise Health, CFAMM, the Association of Migraine Disorders and I’ve most recently had the honour of joining the Michener Institute’s Cannabis Education Advisory team.

My passion for advocacy stems from my very own success story (It’s posted on the website)! I am dedicated to supporting those with chronic illness, raising migraine awareness and destigmatizing cannabis use. I especially love to help beginners learn to medicate safely and navigate the overwhelming amount of information online.

I am excited to announce that we are working with the Canadian Institute of Medical Advancement to launch a unique patient-driven research study on cannabinoids for the treatment of migraine and headache disorders! Keep your eyes peeled for more info.

Ashlee McDonald

Ashlee McDonald

Hi Y’all, I am typically around during nap hours, as I am a Nanny in my real world job.

I’ve been using cannabis for roughly ten years now. I’m in the lovely Colorado, so I still use under the Recreational side of things.

I have Post Concussion Migraines caused by a cheerleading accident. I’ve successfully decreased my overall pain level as well as the frequency of my bad days from all day everyday to once a week or every other week even.

I use a combination of traditional medication, Chiropractic care and Medical Marijuana Concentrates.

I typically dab a high CBD concentrate, (usually 2:1 ratios) as a preventive every 8-10 hours; and a high THC concentrate with my CBD as needed for pain management.

I’m got the baby down for nap and am happy to answer questions you may have!

Lianna Knapp

Lianna Knapp

Hi! My name is Liana and I live in Maryland with my parents, three younger siblings, and two dogs. I am currently in college studying crisis psychology and would love to use this degree to help people with chronic pain/conditions cope with the uncertainties that come with chronic illness.

I have dealt with migraines since I was 7 years old and my full diagnosis is “chronic, severe, intractable migraines.”  It has been a long journey of doctors, specialists, tests, scans, medications, supplements, diets, natural/homeopathic remedies, and surgeries to find something that would help me manage my pain. Eventually, I found cannabis and that is when my life changed.

I went from getting 2-3 massive migraines a week (each requiring the max amount of triptans, naproxen, and benadryl, or a trip to the emergency room) to about 1 massive migraine a month! I finally feel human thanks to cannabis! It has become almost like a hobby, and I am amazed at how this plant continues to help those around me. While it has not cured me, I am now able to live life and face the world head on.

Sarah Jorczyk

Sarah Jorczyk

I’m Sarah, one of the moderators for the MigraineBuds Facebook Group.

I’ve been using cannabis products for a while now and have become the resident expert on all things Hemp derived, specifically High CBD, Low (<0.3%) THC products!

I am also one of the two Admins over at CBD Oil Users Group and routinely provide educational articles and videos to promote the safe and educated use of CBD. I’ve found profound relief through the use of hemp CBD products as a preventative measure and strive to help others achieve the same